Life on the Edge - Canary District

Life on the Edge


DATE:  October 18th-30th

TIME:  Mon – Thurs 12pm – 8pm  |  Fri- Closed  |  Sat – Sun 12pm – 5pm

PLACE: Canary District Presentation Gallery
398 Front Street East
Enter Parking Lot From Trinity Street (Front & Cherry St. Have Road Closures)

An art exhibit showcasing the iconic photography of Tom Ryaboi
A North American premiere event, “Cities of the Future” highlights Toronto’s global stature as a leader in arts and technology.

Tom Ryaboi
Known to his fans as “Roof Topper” Tom Ryaboi is a Toronto-based, world-renowned photographer who takes his art to extreme heights. His natural curiosity leads him to capture unique sights which are reflected in his iconic images. Among the first to start to growing trend of “roof topping”, Ryaboi climbs to the top of skyscrapers and literally sits on the edge to capture incredible cityscapes, presenting an entirely new perspective on urban photography.

Cities of the Future
As part of a dynamic art exhibit called Cities of the Future,  “Aletide”, an interactive swing by Italian artists Fabio Giampietro, Ilaria Vergani Bassi, and Paolo Di Giacomo, will  be unveiled for the first time in North America, at the Canary District Presentation Gallery. The swing will allow guests to experience the sensation of vertigo without ever leaving the ground. “Aletide”, along with Ryaboi’s incredible photographs, will highlight Toronto’s growing global stature as a leader in arts and technology. After Opening Night, the photo exhibit will be on display until October 30th, and “Aletide” until October 23rd.

For more information please call 416.603.7576