How long have you lived in Canary?
I’ve been living in Canary for 2 years and I totally love it, especially the proximity to things I love to do. Before I moved here I was on Lakeshore East and before that I was in Houston, Texas.

How does Canary compare?
I love that it’s close to downtown but still feels like I’m not really in the heart of the city. I also love the architectural style of the community. The buildings are not as tall as other areas and the buildings incorporate historical buildings with modern design. It’s also great to be able to walk out and have access to bike paths, restaurants and best of all, the Distillery District, my favourite lifestyle location. I love the closeness, I love that it’s small, and I love that there is such a mix of different social and economic backgrounds. It’s small, it’s cozy and it’s a real community.

What’s your favourite thing about Canary?
The community, for sure. It’s built with a focus on positivity and a healthy lifestyle. I’ve also always been in love with urban living and I wanted something that was close to nature and close to the bike paths while still being close to the buzz, the city lifestyle. The proximity of the Don Valley for work has also been great, as an on-the-go decorator and stylist it has made it easy to get around.
Canary has a quiet, down-to-earth peaceful feeling which I love so much especially as someone who works from home. People are respectful of each other and the community, and there’s a great mix of professionals and creatives in the community as well as retirees. I also feel very safe walking at night.

Do you use the park a lot?
I actually run around the park every morning except in the wintertime when it’s very cold. The park has so many different species of plants and animals and the fresh air is great, it’s not as polluted as other parts of the city. Canary District is all about being green and sustainable and I like that, I feel that when I am running.

As an entrepreneur, working out of your home, how is that life in canary?
I love it so much, the peaceful atmosphere is great and the large windows bring that refreshing energy in. I also love that I can step out if I don’t have time to cook and have access to restaurants with healthy choices. The diversity of people and local businesses has been beautiful to experience too.

What are your favourite retailers?
I must say, Sukhothai and Tabule for their authentic, delicious cuisines. Barburitto and Fuel+ for their on-the-go healthy options. Zen and Tonic and Canary Dental for health and wellness. It is slowly becoming a one-stop lifestyle community, once we get a grocery store and post office services. The YMCA has also been perfect for my active teenagers.

You have teenagers! How do they like it?
They are slowly adjusting to living in a city versus the suburbs where they used to live. The streetcar is right there, so they can meet up with their friends and hopefully, that means my UBER mom days are over, although that may be wishful thinking. My boys love playing basketball so they are always at Underpass Park or the YMCA playing games.

What do you think about the people here?
It’s a great mix of diversity and backgrounds which is so great to see. People are courteous and friendly too and we look out for one another, it really is a community. With the Indigenous Hub coming in we can look forward to that continuing, and I think It’s such a nice way to learn about and embrace each other and our cultures. Having lived personally on 6 continents, having this culture and diversity in my new home is a beautiful experience.

Thanks so much Anna for sitting down with us and stay tuned for more #peopleofcanary!