#peopleofcanary: Marissa - Canary District

#peopleofcanary: Marissa

How long have you lived in Canary?
I’ve been here since 2019. I previously lived in the burbs at Warden and St. Clair and there was nothing there, I knew when I moved I wanted to be part of a community. I was looking a lot in the West End of Toronto and it was too disjointed, and then my realtor showed me a unit in the area and although that’s not the unit I ended up in, I was like I want to live in this area, this is it. I love the neighbourhood so much, I’m super happy and honestly, I don’t know if I ever want to leave this neighbourhood.

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What’s your favourite part about living in Canary?
It’s the community, I’ve met some wonderful people here. Some of my closest friends are people that I met in the community just last summer and now we’re really close. We also take care of each other’s dogs. The dog community here is wonderful. I can walk to the park in the morning with Primrose on any day and pass by somebody and say good morning, and they’ll say good morning back. And I love that there are people to say good morning to, people live in these units and interact with their community. A lot of communities in the city, the apartments are empty and the people don’t go out. Maybe because it’s such a great place people choose to live here instead of choosing to use the property as an investment. I love that there’s a lot of people here and they’re engaged.

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What’s your favourite retailer in Canary?
That’s tough, because I love something about so many of them!

How about top three?
Top three, ok. Aviary, first off it’s the go-to watering hole. It’s a great place to connect with friends and even just to bring people who don’t live here. It’s a local brewery, it’s wonderful. Then I would say I really like the addition of Vivo. Firstly because I love Italian food and secondly in the summer sitting on their patio and drinking a bottle of wine and eating a pizza is so perfect. And if I had to pick one last one…I love them all, but I would say I probably frequent Dark Horse most often. However, Souk Tabule is so good, Sukhothai is so good, there are just so many options it’s amazing. The food here is delicious. I do like Copper Branch also, it’s kind of my go-to after I do some crazy strenuous activity because they have really well-balanced meals.

Thanks so much Marissa and Primrose for sitting down with us and stay tuned for more #peopleofcanary!