Nuit Blanche in the District - Canary District

Nuit Blanche in the District

Living in the Canary District will definitely have its benefits! Last Saturday night, Nuit Blanche, the largest international contemporary art festival in Toronto was featured just steps away from the Canary District, in the Historical Distillery District.  Having artistic expression displayed at your doorstep is nothing short of amazing.  Whether you are a novice or artistically inclined, there is something for everyone during Nuit Blanche.

For those who are unfamiliar with Nuit Blanche in Toronto – it is an annual city wide festival honoring contemporary Art. The festival originated in Paris, France in 2002 in an attempt to bring contemporary art to the masses. Since 2006, Toronto has enjoyed this tradition, bringing hundreds of thousands of people to the streets.

This year, the festival began at 7:03 p.m. on Saturday September 29th, 2012 and ran until sunrise the following day. Most of the city’s main streets were closed to vehicles in order to showcase exhibits to pedestrians, allowing people to access and engage in contemporary art. A variety of art exhibits were set up throughout Toronto; some were humorous and relatable while others were inspirational and mesmerizing to say the least.  There were over 150 art projects throughout the city, ranging from small intimate expression to grand spectacles.

The Distillery District featured an Official Independent Project with the City of Toronto’s Nuit Blanche event. This year The Distillery District showcased DADA Reboot – exhibiting a post-World War I cultural movement.

Photos of some of the exhibits which were displayed in The Historic Distillery District during Nuit Blanche 2012:


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