We are proud announce that the Making Peace International Photo Exhibition will be on display at Canary District from May 13th to September 24th. This is an outdoor event featuring the work of over 100 artists. The photos displayed will provide the public with an opportunity to learn about the people and elements involved in creating global, sustainable peace. There will also be a gallery space dedicated to this exhibition from May 13th to July 9th located at 482 Front Street East, Unit A of Canary Park Condominiums (Map).

The International Peace Bureau aims to educate the community on what they consider to be the five main components of peace. These elements include Disarmament and Nonviolence, Conflict Prevention and Resolution, Economic and Social Justice, Human Rights, Law and Democracy and Environmental and Sustainable Development. These concepts are supported through the large photographic exhibition thoughtfully curated by Ashley Woods of Magnum Photos/VII and edited by Karin Aneser of Focus Magazine. The photographs on display will give us insight into the individuals who dedicate their time, energy and resources to living and promoting these elements of peace.

This impactful and educational exhibit is free to the public. We encourage you to join us in learning more about creating sustainable peace. (Learn more)